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Top 3 tips to stop smoking

Hey there, I am James. I am 25 years old and live in New York. I am a professional nutritionist and health expert. I love to help people by using my positive experience. I am looking to set up a blog to help people to find out some best health tips.

More than a million are dying every year because of tobacco. It is one of the most dangerous monsters connected with the life of smokers. Every smoker knows that smoking is a bad thing but it is addiction that does not allow them to stop it. However, there are some amazing tips to stop smoking. You can stop using this dirty thing by following some easy steps.

1-      Delay

If your body is asking for some tobacco then make a delay of at least 10 minutes to divert yourself from addiction. This easy technique may be enough to destroy your cigarettes addiction.

2-      Avoid triggers

Start avoiding triggers. Recognize your trigger situation and have a strategy so that you can prevent them completely or get through them without making use of tobacco.

3-      Chew on it

Give your mouth something to fight against a cigarettes craving. Eat on sugarless gum or hard sweets. Or eat on raw green beans, oatmeal, almonds or sunflower plant seeds — something chewy and enjoyable.

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